About Us
Our communications team consists of creative professionals with nearly 20 years of experience in writing, graphic design, marketing development, and public relations/outreach for a variety of sectors, including education, the environment, finance, software technology, food/health, and the arts.

Our areas of expertise include print publications, web communications, large format graphics, photo editing, presentation development, branding, media and community relations, and event management.
LISA holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Masters in Marine Resources Management both from Texas A&M University. Her passion is educating current and future generations to become better informed citizens through a greater understanding of marine science and the important role science plays in understanding our environment. 

LISA's outreach and education experiences come from working with PISCO, the Artist Boat, and as a Sea Grant marine educator. She has coordinated and developed materials for large marine education and outreach events such as SeaFest and Marine Angler Education Events.

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